My general mission: better understand the link between seawater chemistry and plankton

My current focus: understand how sea butterflies (pteropods) make their shells from the elements they find in seawater and if they can adapt to the predicted changes in seawater chemistry predicted (and already observed) worldwide.

WHOAMI – 50% French. 50% Scottish. PhD candidate. Biological Oceanography. Plankton. University of Western Australia’s Oceans Institute. ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies.

Copyright - L.M. Roger

Liza M. ROGER (Copyright – L.M. Roger)

You can visit my various research profile here





liza.roger@uwa.edu.au or liza.roger@hotmail.fr

The University of Western Australia
School of Earth & Environment
Geology and Geography Building (M004)
Crawley, WA6009

UWA-logo    ARC centre of excellence for coral reef studies

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